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Category Archives: In the Media

Read My Article on Convict Transportation in New Politic

An article I recently wrote for the British online magazine, New Politic, is now available online. The article, “The Criminal Origins of the United States of America,” is about British convict transportation to America, which took place between the years 1718 and 1775, and is the subject of my book, Bound with an Iron Chain: […]

In the Media: A Foodie Look at Early Prison Food

Curious about what early prison food was like? This 3:43 minute video from Zagat’s “Bizarre Bites: Prison Food Taste Tests” takes viewers on a brief tour of American prison food from the 1830’s to the present day. The clip takes place at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and includes some great shots of prison […]

In the Media: Insights into Researching Early American Crime

When I speak at libraries, historical societies, and other groups about early American crime, I am often asked where and how I find information about these historical criminals. The short answer is that I generally use a combination of databases that are freely available on the Web and subscription databases that I access through local […]

Special Limited-Time Price Drop for Bound with an Iron Chain

Did you receive a Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader as a gift for the holidays? Now you can load my bestselling book, Bound with an Iron Chain: The Untold Story of How the British Transported 50,000 Convicts to Colonial America, onto your e-reader for only $0.99. Kindle: Nook: Barnes and Noble All other […]

EAC Podcast: Writing Bound with an Iron Chain

In this podcast, I talk about how I came up with the idea of writing my new book, Bound with an Iron Chain, and about my experience writing it. Book Update My book is slowly beginning to populate the various booksellers across the Web. Here is a list of websites from around the world where […]