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The American Malefactor’s Dictionary: boot-leg and boot-leg plan

boot-leg – 1. coffee or, more precisely, alleged coffee, served in prison; 2. illicit liquor (a witty play on the former definition). boot-leg plan – a set up based on trickery or evasion, in reference to the saying, “the boot is on the other leg,” i.e., not as someone would normally understand something. Use of […]

The American Malefactor’s Dictionary: bet on time and betting his eyes

Image by mhall209 via Flickr bet on time – being allowed to pay a gambling debt at a later time, after one has lost all of his or her money. betting his eyes – a “sucker” who watches a game of chance but does not bet. Sources Farmer, John S. and W. E. Henley. A […]

The American Malefactor’s Dictionary: beat and its variants

beat – 1. to get the best of him; 2. to rob or swindle; 3. the part of a town in which a criminal or gang works; 4. to escape from prison; 5. to cheat or defraud (as in beat the hotel out of its bill). beat out of – to extort money from (a […]

The American Malefactor’s Dictionary: badger and its variants

badger – 1. someone who robs a man after he has been caught in bed with a woman or in some other compromising position; 2. a panel thief; 3. to torment. badger-crib or badger’s crib, also badger house – a room that is fitted to carry out a badger game, usually with a sliding panel […]

The American Malefactor’s Dictionary: backer

backer – the person who supplies the genuine dollar bills that are shown to a prospective victim in a greengoods con-game. The greengoods con-game entails the sale of a large quantity of counterfeit money at a steep discount from its face value. In a show of demonstrating the high quality of the counterfeit bills to […]