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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Early American Criminals: Is Robin Hood More American than British?

Tom Cook was a notorious New England thief who happens to have been born in my hometown of Westborough, MA. He called himself “The Leveller” and cultivated a reputation for stealing from the rich and readily sharing his ill-gotten gains with the poor. Stories of his exploits have been handed down for generations. Alice Morse […]

EAC Reviews: Counterfeiting in the Early United States

A Nation of Counterfeiters: Capitalists, Con Men, and the Making of the United States by Stephen Mihm (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2007), 457 pp. Counterfeiting was widespread during the early history of the United States. Some estimates from the time claimed that between ten and fifty percent of the circulating currency was counterfeit. Such […]

In the Media: EAC in the Westborough News

Early American Crime was recently featured in the Westborough News. The article covers the completion of my year-long series on British convict transportation to colonial America and includes a short Q&A with me about the project. Read the full article here [no longer available online].