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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Early American Criminals: The Execution of Levi Ames

Note: This post continues “The Life of Levi Ames in Print.” On October 21, 1773 at around two o’clock in the afternoon, Levi Ames, who was convicted of burglary, emerged from the prison yard. With his arms bound and a halter looped around his neck, he followed the cart carrying his coffin to the gallows […]

Early American Criminals: The Life of Levi Ames in Print

Note: This post continues “The Stories of Levi Ames, Burglar.” After Levi Ames was sentenced to death for his part in the burglary of Martin Bicker in the early fall of 1773, he was held in prison to await his execution. At first, he hoped to find a means of escape, but he came to […]

Early American Criminals: The Stories of Levi Ames, Burglar

On August 23, 1773, Martin Bicker took out the above newspaper advertisement in the hope that it would lead to the capture of Levi Ames’s accomplice in burglarizing his house. Tucked away in the back pages of the Boston Post-Boy, the ad marks the first time that Levi Ames was mentioned in print. Soon, however, […]

The American Malefactor’s Dictionary: Attleborough

Attleborough – 1. fake, not genuine, made to imitate; 2. sham jewelry. The town of Attleborough, Massachusetts was known for producing imitation or trashy jewelry that was either made from base metals or were alloyed so as to fool those who were not good judges of the real thing. Sources Barrère, Albert and Charles G. […]

In the Media: EAC on the Radio

I was recently interviewed by Leonard Sipes about “Early American Crime in the Media” for D.C. Public Safety Radio, which presents audio programs on crime, criminal offenders, and the criminal justice system. The program lasts a half hour and covers the criminal justice system in colonial America, how crime was covered in early American newspapers, […]